“When you give up…

“When you give up your dream, you die.”                                                                    -Nick Hurley

This may not be a very well known quote. And it may not even be a quote that was written to evoke inspiration on an individual level. This quote is said by the character Nick Hurley to the protagonist Alex Owens in the 1983 cult classic Flashdance. Up until this point in the movie, her dream was too big for her. At least, she thought it was too big for her. But when he tells her this at the climax of the movie, she finally decides to grab her dream by the horns and fight, well actually dance, like hell for it. Because Nick is right. If we have nothing to hold onto, we are nothing ourselves.

Flashdance movie image Jennifer Beals

Up until this point of my life, my dream has always loomed over me like a dark mysterious cloud. But, I’m ready now. I’m ready to look my dream in the face and overcome it. Nothing is holding me back but myself. Nothing has ever held me back but myself. So now, it’s time for me to go charging into that void of possibilities and find out just exactly what it holds for me and what I hold for it.

And what a feeling that will be.