Weekly Update No. 2

Hey all!

So this is my second update. Yay! Not too much new to report unfortunately, but I will try to make this post worth your while through various witticisms and trying to make things sound more interesting than they really are. Sound good? Good!

Okay, so I hope that you all loved Louis. Or at least didn’t totally hate him? He was definitely a very fun character for me to write. Maybe one of the funner ones (“more fun ones” just sounds weird – idkkk get on that, Webster). I love all my characters, but he was on the lighter side for most of the piece and really funny, though he did get a bit heavier towards the end. Gotta keep it interesting right? 😉 There’s like two or three different ways I could go with his story right now, which I am considering. Obviously some of the characters are going to intermingle (some probably won’t at all), but I’m not quite sure yet who I want him to mingle with though I have three in mind. He will definitely do some mingling though. And I mean this in the context of Post-Post Office. But, I have a couple more weeks to figure that out.

Oh, and BTW! Service Announcement here and a little bit of a Writer’s Confession as well: I am flying by the seat of my pants on this story (which I hope isn’t noticeable). I mean I have thought some things out, but not very many. When I sit down to write, that’s when I think about it and often it’s in the context of that character’s immediate story. So, no, I do not know who Eleanor will end up with yet. No, I do not know if Giuliana will come home before Antonio dies (or if he does die?). And no, I’m not sure yet if Louis will ever get laid (But, for his sake, I really hope he does). But, that stuff all works itself out when I’m writing. I’m working my actual job right now and trying to write my novel still. So, at the moment, I really only dedicate Sundays to Postmarked. Therefore, I don’t have all the answers. So we will figure this all out together 🙂

And sometimes I feel extremely lucky with how the story manages to work itself out. For instance, when I was writing Louis’s story, I was trying to figure out if he was going to be able to send the package out or not. I then put the calculations for the package in the actual USPS website and saw that it would come out to that obscene amount. I decided right then (After I had already written half of Louis’s story and two other stories that mentioned Louis with his package) that he would not be able to send it. But then I worried about what the others said. While Sebastian did mention him at the counter, he never said anything about him leaving because he was too busy talking to the abnormally tall woman behind him (whose name is Laura btw). I got worried when I remembered Curtis’s story though because he had mentioned Louis leaving, but this is what he ended up saying: “I look up and notice that the guy with the huge box is walking away and the counter is now open”. I don’t think I knew at that point whether Louis was able to mail the package, but I am REALLY glad I didn’t specify because I don’t think I was elusive about it on purpose. So yea, that’s what I mean when I say I’m flying by the seat of my pants sometimes. I feel like I should outline this story a little, but I don’t know, it’s kind of fun to put it together like a puzzle. Although, I think if I ever did go legit with “Postmarked” that I would go back and do some editing. But, since people have already read portions, I make a point to not contradict myself no matter what. Even if I have to change up what I’m writing. Just a little extra service I throw in.


But, anyway, as I hope you all who actually do read this blog have noticed, Eleanor is coming back next Monday. I actually have written some of this (SURPRISINGLY) so here’s a couple things to expect:

  1. You will all learn a little more about Mr. Fiance – Hopefully you all haven’t written him off already. He’s a very nice man!
  2. Since Eleanor is last in line, she will have a lot more time to think about what she will do!
  3. Eleanor will only be mailing one of the parcels! (either the journal OR the wedding invites) :O

So yes, that was my ploy to keep you all interested. I hope it worked 😉

See you all Monday!                                                                                                         MEGranger

P.S. If this is the first post you’ve read from me, you should start with Eleanor: https://megranger.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/postmarked-eleanors-story/


Protected: Chapter Five – Louis’s Story

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Weekly Update No. 1

I just thought I’d write an additional post this week as an update for how both my writing process and blog process are going so far. I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep up with this for a total of two posts a week from now on. Unless it gets incredibly stale and boring. I haven’t picked a special day of the week for my weekly updates yet, but as of right now, Thursdays sound good, so I’ll go with that. So Mondays will be for “Postmarked” and Thursdays will be a little more insight on me. Ahem, the author 😉

So anyway, I hope that you all are enjoying “Postmarked” so far. I know that I have really enjoyed writing it and exploring different voices and perspectives. Some of them were hard for me to get into mentally, but I think they were the ones that taught me more. With the novel I’m currently writing, there is only one voice throughout all of it. And when I write, I literally have given very specific voices to all of these people and I think in them the entire time. So to me, it does get a little stale to write the same voice after a certain amount of time (Note: Not that the story is stale. That may be bad publicizing on my part), but jumping around so much here has given me a lot of relief with that. And now I like going back to the voice in my novel when I do because I get a little break.

My blogging experience so far has been immensely empowering. Every single comment and view makes me completely giddy (Though I sometimes wonder if it’s just my boyfriend or family reclicking over and over again, but they swear they’re not, so). The blog has also been so helpful with keeping me writing weekly and keeping my creative juices flowing. So, just a shout out to WordPress: You’re awesome! I’ve tried a couple different blogs before and I just found WordPress by random. It is definitely the best out there when it comes to appearances, professionalism, publicizing, and general logistics. So a big round of applause to them. You go, WordPress!


The only other thing that I think is worthy of mentioning for this week is to say that I have began the process of attempting to publish my two Children’s Picture Books. I have decided to take the route of sending them into publishers as “Unsolicited Manuscripts”, which means that I do not have an agent. I plan on searching for an agent for my novel(s), but I have heard and really believe that it is immensely helpful to have already been published. So I am hoping that publishing these Picture Books will benefit me in more ways than one. I also think that there is no harm in doing it this way because if no one picks them up, then I can just start looking for an agent without having published work. As mentioned in my “About” section (https://megranger.wordpress.com/about/), I have written a Fiction and a Nonfiction Picture Book. I personally believe that the Nonfiction is the stronger of the two, but I definitely adore the Fiction one as well (and I hope Publishers will too). I’m thinking of sending the Nonfiction first and if it doesn’t get picked up, then I’ll send them the Fiction. And I’ll just keep bombarding them with my creative genius until they finally agree to publish me. (That was a joke. I think….) If anyone reading this has any advice for me regarding my intended method, please let me know in the comments. It would be much appreciated.

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and that you prepare yourself to meet Louis on Monday, January 27th. Because….he’s kind of a handful.

Signing out til Monday,

P.S. If this is the first post you’ve read from me, you should start with Eleanor:    https://megranger.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/postmarked-eleanors-story/

An Update on Postmarked

Just as a little update for everyone who won’t read this anyway, I have decided that I will be posting a bonus section of my story “Postmarked” for the first week.

How “Postmarked” will work is I will post one part of one of my character’s story at a time. Everyone’s story will begin at the Post Office, but everyone’s stories move at different paces and go to different places. For instance, some character’s time in the Post Office may span into two or three parts of their overall story, whereas it could just make up the first third of the first part of other’s stories. Also, one character’s connection to the Post Office may be deeper than another characters. Everyone is on different levels here.

And by the way, I know that I said in the last post that I have nine different POVs, which may seem like a lot. But, I just want to clarify that not all these characters possess the same amount of weight for the overall story. And also, you will not have to read all nine characters before the first one shows up again. There will be a fair amount of jumping around, that’s for sure.

I can’t wait to show what I have in store for you all who aren’t reading this. I guess right now I have to prove to myself that I can write/blog consistently and then after a couple weeks, when I feel more confident about it all, that is when I will start working hard to build my readership.

For this Monday, I will be posting Part One of Eleanor’s Story. And for Thursday, I will post the bonus section, which will be Part One of Curtis’s Story. So all of you who aren’t reading this, better plan on not reading that too! Unless you do plan on reading it and are reading this too, which would make me feel all warm inside.


So, until Monday, signing out,


Taking Care of Business

Well, now that I have gotten the awkward first post out of the way, I’d say it’s time to start this blog for real.

Here’s the deal. I am one of the many with the overarching ambition to become a published writer. What’s that you say? Same story, different blog? Yup! You got it! I know that this process is not a new or innovative idea. But, I do know that when it comes to writing, I do have new and innovative ideas.

So. Let’s get on to the big show!

Every Monday, I will be posting one part of my original story “Postmarked”. I am not sure at the moment what the exact specifics of this story will be (how long it will go or what will happen), but I am sure that it will be worth reading (and writing). This story will be told by nine different perspectives, who will all begin in the same place, the Brunswick, Maine town Post Office.

Holiday Shipping

The thing I love most about this story I have decided to tell is the characters. I have created nine original characters, who are not cliché at all (Promise). As said, each of these character’s stories will begin on a busy day at the Post Office. Some of these characters may never see each other again. Others’ stories may affect one another. This may seem a little like Love Actually, Valentines Day, As I Lay Dying, etc., but this is a fresh take. The real reason I have decided to tell this story on my blog is because it is not as innovative and original as some of my other pieces. I don’t really know the full capacity of the internet, but I do know that once it is out there, it’s out there. So I chose to tell “Postmarked” on this blog for a number of reasons:

  1. It will show my capability to you, Reader. With this story specifically, I will have to prove to you that I am convincing as a narrator within the minds of nine totally different people. Some are young. Some are old. Some are men. Some are women. Some are cool. Some are not. My goal is to convince you that I can encapsulate all of these different perspectives and twist them into a (hopefully) interesting story. If I can do this, maybe I can get people to believe I am a serious writer.
  2. It will challenge me in the process to show that I am one. Nothing is worse than having all these stories inside of you and not ever telling them. I have things that I need to say. And this blog will help push these things out of me. (I feel like Augustus Gloop stuck inside that chocolate tube! I just need that push!)
  3. It reminds me of the novel I am currently writing, which I will be calling “CS” on this blog. I am hoping that writing this story will help me to write my novel (in a perfect world). But I do want to clarify that these stories are vastly different.

This Monday, January 6th, 2013, I will be posting my first part of the story told from the character perspective of Eleanor. I know you guys will like her. She’s actually the inspiration of the entire story. And she reminds me of a character I created for “CS”, but she stands on her own.

Signing out till Monday,


P.S. I may talk about “CS” sometimes on this blog and my process and experiences both in writing it and attempting to publish it. However, I am very protective of this story and so, I probably won’t give very much information out about it. I hope you understand 🙂 ❤

P.S.S. Now, all I need is followers. Hmmm. Wherefore art thou? I’ll just be here….waiting.


P.S.S.S. If you can’t tell by now, I like 80’s movies.