Weekly Update No. 1

I just thought I’d write an additional post this week as an update for how both my writing process and blog process are going so far. I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep up with this for a total of two posts a week from now on. Unless it gets incredibly stale and boring. I haven’t picked a special day of the week for my weekly updates yet, but as of right now, Thursdays sound good, so I’ll go with that. So Mondays will be for “Postmarked” and Thursdays will be a little more insight on me. Ahem, the author 😉

So anyway, I hope that you all are enjoying “Postmarked” so far. I know that I have really enjoyed writing it and exploring different voices and perspectives. Some of them were hard for me to get into mentally, but I think they were the ones that taught me more. With the novel I’m currently writing, there is only one voice throughout all of it. And when I write, I literally have given very specific voices to all of these people and I think in them the entire time. So to me, it does get a little stale to write the same voice after a certain amount of time (Note: Not that the story is stale. That may be bad publicizing on my part), but jumping around so much here has given me a lot of relief with that. And now I like going back to the voice in my novel when I do because I get a little break.

My blogging experience so far has been immensely empowering. Every single comment and view makes me completely giddy (Though I sometimes wonder if it’s just my boyfriend or family reclicking over and over again, but they swear they’re not, so). The blog has also been so helpful with keeping me writing weekly and keeping my creative juices flowing. So, just a shout out to WordPress: You’re awesome! I’ve tried a couple different blogs before and I just found WordPress by random. It is definitely the best out there when it comes to appearances, professionalism, publicizing, and general logistics. So a big round of applause to them. You go, WordPress!


The only other thing that I think is worthy of mentioning for this week is to say that I have began the process of attempting to publish my two Children’s Picture Books. I have decided to take the route of sending them into publishers as “Unsolicited Manuscripts”, which means that I do not have an agent. I plan on searching for an agent for my novel(s), but I have heard and really believe that it is immensely helpful to have already been published. So I am hoping that publishing these Picture Books will benefit me in more ways than one. I also think that there is no harm in doing it this way because if no one picks them up, then I can just start looking for an agent without having published work. As mentioned in my “About” section (https://megranger.wordpress.com/about/), I have written a Fiction and a Nonfiction Picture Book. I personally believe that the Nonfiction is the stronger of the two, but I definitely adore the Fiction one as well (and I hope Publishers will too). I’m thinking of sending the Nonfiction first and if it doesn’t get picked up, then I’ll send them the Fiction. And I’ll just keep bombarding them with my creative genius until they finally agree to publish me. (That was a joke. I think….) If anyone reading this has any advice for me regarding my intended method, please let me know in the comments. It would be much appreciated.

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and that you prepare yourself to meet Louis on Monday, January 27th. Because….he’s kind of a handful.

Signing out til Monday,

P.S. If this is the first post you’ve read from me, you should start with Eleanor:    https://megranger.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/postmarked-eleanors-story/


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