Weekly Update No. 2

Hey all!

So this is my second update. Yay! Not too much new to report unfortunately, but I will try to make this post worth your while through various witticisms and trying to make things sound more interesting than they really are. Sound good? Good!

Okay, so I hope that you all loved Louis. Or at least didn’t totally hate him? He was definitely a very fun character for me to write. Maybe one of the funner ones (“more fun ones” just sounds weird – idkkk get on that, Webster). I love all my characters, but he was on the lighter side for most of the piece and really funny, though he did get a bit heavier towards the end. Gotta keep it interesting right? 😉 There’s like two or three different ways I could go with his story right now, which I am considering. Obviously some of the characters are going to intermingle (some probably won’t at all), but I’m not quite sure yet who I want him to mingle with though I have three in mind. He will definitely do some mingling though. And I mean this in the context of Post-Post Office. But, I have a couple more weeks to figure that out.

Oh, and BTW! Service Announcement here and a little bit of a Writer’s Confession as well: I am flying by the seat of my pants on this story (which I hope isn’t noticeable). I mean I have thought some things out, but not very many. When I sit down to write, that’s when I think about it and often it’s in the context of that character’s immediate story. So, no, I do not know who Eleanor will end up with yet. No, I do not know if Giuliana will come home before Antonio dies (or if he does die?). And no, I’m not sure yet if Louis will ever get laid (But, for his sake, I really hope he does). But, that stuff all works itself out when I’m writing. I’m working my actual job right now and trying to write my novel still. So, at the moment, I really only dedicate Sundays to Postmarked. Therefore, I don’t have all the answers. So we will figure this all out together 🙂

And sometimes I feel extremely lucky with how the story manages to work itself out. For instance, when I was writing Louis’s story, I was trying to figure out if he was going to be able to send the package out or not. I then put the calculations for the package in the actual USPS website and saw that it would come out to that obscene amount. I decided right then (After I had already written half of Louis’s story and two other stories that mentioned Louis with his package) that he would not be able to send it. But then I worried about what the others said. While Sebastian did mention him at the counter, he never said anything about him leaving because he was too busy talking to the abnormally tall woman behind him (whose name is Laura btw). I got worried when I remembered Curtis’s story though because he had mentioned Louis leaving, but this is what he ended up saying: “I look up and notice that the guy with the huge box is walking away and the counter is now open”. I don’t think I knew at that point whether Louis was able to mail the package, but I am REALLY glad I didn’t specify because I don’t think I was elusive about it on purpose. So yea, that’s what I mean when I say I’m flying by the seat of my pants sometimes. I feel like I should outline this story a little, but I don’t know, it’s kind of fun to put it together like a puzzle. Although, I think if I ever did go legit with “Postmarked” that I would go back and do some editing. But, since people have already read portions, I make a point to not contradict myself no matter what. Even if I have to change up what I’m writing. Just a little extra service I throw in.


But, anyway, as I hope you all who actually do read this blog have noticed, Eleanor is coming back next Monday. I actually have written some of this (SURPRISINGLY) so here’s a couple things to expect:

  1. You will all learn a little more about Mr. Fiance – Hopefully you all haven’t written him off already. He’s a very nice man!
  2. Since Eleanor is last in line, she will have a lot more time to think about what she will do!
  3. Eleanor will only be mailing one of the parcels! (either the journal OR the wedding invites) :O

So yes, that was my ploy to keep you all interested. I hope it worked 😉

See you all Monday!                                                                                                         MEGranger

P.S. If this is the first post you’ve read from me, you should start with Eleanor: https://megranger.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/postmarked-eleanors-story/


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