Poll Question – No. One

Postmarked Readers,

I thought that I would give you the opportunity to have an impact on the story you read. For my new blog (postmarkedmegranger.wordpress.com), I hope to do stuff like this frequently, so I wanted to try it out here and see what happens.

I am currently writing Curtis’s story for tomorrow, but I am also thinking ahead to next week and am not quite sure which story I want to write. I am stuck between Sebastian’s and Louis’s Part Threes. They both are sure to be interesting stories. Sebastian left off with his mother in the car driving past the Post Office leaving little hope for the Inverted Jenny. And Louis left off seeing Chloe at the Police Station, but we know from her story that he also bailed her out. The truth is I am just really excited to write both of them, so I’m not sure which one I want to pick. So, I’m leaving it up to you. Even if you don’t care, please participate in the poll, so I can see how it works. I would really appreciate it.


Poll is now closed. Here are the results:



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